Recycling PET in a fraction of the time

Premirr Technology

The Problem

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET, PETE, or recycle symbol “1”) is one of the most frequently used consumer plastic. Everyday products made from PET include: water bottles, soda bottles, food packaging, clothing, carpeting and filler for furniture. Each year, the United States requires 6 billion pounds of PET plastic for food & drink containers. The usage of PET containers is increasing every year, putting an increased strain on local landfills and an ever-increasing burden on the environment.

The Solution

Premirr Plastics, LLC has developed a technology that can instantly recycle PET in less than 1 minute. This process uses eco-friendly catalysts and tools from the field of green chemistry. As a clean-technology company, Premirr was mindful of the catalyst and the cost of energy. Reduction of these two components has led to a new technology so fast and efficient that the cost of recycling PET can be reduced to amounts lower than manufacturing new PET from oil-based raw material.